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Peyk Cyber Intelligence
Peyk Cyber Intelligence
Peyk Cyber Intelligence

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Deep&Dark Web Monitoring

The sublayer of internet called Deep Web which is accessed with Tor Network , is continuously scanned in depth with our boots running 24/7 parallel to each other and the information about your company is presented in detail.

Phishing Detection

The phishing web sites and IP’s threatening your company are constantly being updated on our system and presented to your company.

Malware Detection

Malware websites and IPs hosting malware are constantly being updated on our system and presented to your company.

Exploit Detection

Exploit websites and IP’s with potential to benefit from your company's system vulnerabilities are constantly being updated on our system and presented to your company.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media, which is considered to be indispensable in our age, is in fact the leading source of leakage. With our system, messages sent and photos taken on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Swarm and similar social media sites are monitored and analyzed within the stated criteria.

Brand Protection

It’s provided that you can identify and follow the sharings about your company in printed and digital publications such as newspapers, magazines, television and web.

Artificial Intelligence

Photos shared on web are interpreted and categorized by using artificial intelligence. For example, a customer in the "Office" category can view and identify shared photos which contain computer, monitor, advertisement etc. in them.
It’s provided that when you define a photo as target artificial intelligence detects the same or similar photos on web.

Inventory Monitoring

By monitoring the inventories provided by the company automatically, detailed information about the inventories and weaknesses(if there are any) are presented to the company.

Data Leakage Monitoring

Using the keywords provided by the company, data leakages are discovered on our data base and various sources and your company becomes informed about data leaks and can monitor them.

Live Attack Monitoring

Detailed information and monitoring are provided about IP’s which have attacked your company or the ones have been in various attacks and could attack your company.

Fraud Detection

Fraud web sites and IPs, which can harm your company and your customers financially, are constantly being updated on our system and presented to your company.

IP Blacklist

IP Blacklists, which have previously been found or still being found to be a part of attacks, frauds and malware incidents, are presented to your company on our system.

Whois Monitoring

On our system, the domain names and certificates you host are updated in a timely manner, and when the expiration time is close, a warning and information is automatically offered to your company through our system.

Designed for your company

Peyk with fully modular services and panel structure was designed and developed to give you a better experience.

  • Changeable interface design.
  • Chance to create downstream users according to your company order.
  • Task assignment system
  • Instant warning system
  • Inventory monitoring
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